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What you should know about Alden Village North

Alden Village North is home to developmentally disabled individuals, many of whom also suffer from complex medical challenges. The key word is home. For many of our residents, Alden is the only one they have ever known, the only family they will ever have. We care for them, comfort them, educate them, celebrate with them, laugh with them and cry with them. We do everything in our power to make sure they receive the very best.

Alden acquired this facility in 2008 and we have worked every day since to make Alden Village North a safe, comfortable and dignified home for our residents. We have assembled a team of health care professionals to provide the critical and life-sustaining care that our residents require, and we have given them the tools to do their jobs with utmost efficacy. Today, Alden Village North is an example of what a health facility for the developmentally disabled should be.

While the care and safety of our residents is our highest priority, we are more than a health facility. To us, that is just the beginning. A home is about creating a sense of comfort, a sense of community, a sense of place. We encourage you to come and experience for yourself the comfortable home that we have created.

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